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  • Jane Dexter

Eye Catching Illuminated Signage Supplied And Installed

Illuminated exterior signs give maximum visibility day and night to make your logo constantly stand out. These signs will add that extra touch of style to your brand.

This sign is a flex fix graphic with back LED lighting. Set at council and planning maximum regulations. Commonly used in many warehouses up and down the motorway for maximum exposure of the brands.

Our illuminated signs can be created in 2D or 3D.

We use a range of materials including:-

1. Acrylic

2. Aluminium

3. Wood

All our signs can be painted or powder coated to a match your specific brand colour.

Our custom illuminated signs can be made to virtually any shape or size.

Cushion Print Management offer a complete signage service from design to installation for interiors and exteriors.

Nothing is too big or complicated a job for us to take on... we will solve all your problems and create top quality signs that are strong, long lasting, waterproof and secure.

For information and advise speak to our experts on 0115 961 6060 or email


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