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  • Jane Dexter

Product Manual Printing Choices

Product Manuals are an essential guide in the daily running of business about your products, services and communication of brand.

When embarking on printing your Product Manual there are three questions that you can ask yourself - ‘Is colour necessary?’ ‘How much use will it have?’ and ‘Which binding style suits my needs best?’

Most Product Manuals are mostly informative in nature so having the inner pages just printed black only will reduce costs but minimal colour may be beneficial to use on some diagrams for clarity and understanding.

Will your Product Manual sit on a shelf with minimal use or will everyone in your company have their own personal copy so that it is used quite regularly and needs to stand the test of time. If it’s going to be used quite frequently then thicker paper is a better option. It’s also best to consider having the cover and pages coated with a clear plastic laminate for use in dirty, oily or damp conditions.

If your Product Manual has a high page count then perfect binding is generally used, but for books around 64 pages or less these are usually saddled stitched at a lower cost.

Other options include personalising each handbook for each user, tabs and hard back cover.

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