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  • Jane Dexter

ProX Board Packaging Design and Print: Custom Point-of-Sale Concept To Finish Product

Our bespoke boxes are manufactured out of ProX Board - UV inkjet printable board. Made from post-consumer recycled cellulose fibres it is 100% repulpable/recyclable and lightweight. It’s constructed out of non-toxic (no VOCs) with a high crush strength core and supplied flat.

ProX Board is ideal for point-of-sale displays, exhibitions, tradeshows, 3D signage, pop-up shops, exhibition furniture, and so much more.

How we arrive at the final solution:-

1. Initial Design - We produce 3D rendered images to visualise how the final product will appear.

2. Construction Sample - A full size unprinted sample, made out of ProX Board, is trialled to make sure product assembly will work. It’s at this stage we can change the box size and shape if necessary.

3. Finished Artwork - Fitting the chosen design to the cutter template of the construction sample, we create high resolution artwork ready for print.

4. Trial Sample - A trial one-off sample can be printed for a final check before sign off.

5. Finished Product - The final product will be well packaged for safe delivery to it’s required destination.

If you would like to discuss your project please ring our knowledgeable team on 0115 961 6060 or email


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