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  • Jane Dexter

Where Can I Get My Labels Printed | Cushion Print Management In Nottingham

We can print your bespoke labels for any packaging and products.

Labels have so many uses, in the office or warehouse or at events, they’re one of life’s essentials.

They can be:

1. On a reel

2. Fan folded

3. Cut sheets

4. Die cut

We can help you choose from the various options:

1. Peelable vinyl

2. Permanent adhesive

3. Semi-gloss

4. Gloss white poly

5. Gloss clear poly

6. Matt varnish

7. Water resistant

8. Freezer grade

9. Laminated

10. Smart ink

11. Clear labels

12. Metalic

13. An endless range in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials

We can produce labels for:

1. Products

2. Pricing

3. Security labels to mark possessions and property

4. Bottles and jars

5. Boxes

6. Labels for organising and filing and so much more...

Our industry knowledge includes labels for:

1. Human food manufacturing

2. Animal food manufacturing

3. Medical supplies and pharmaceuticals

4. Logistics and warehousing plus packaging and retailers.

If you have your own artwork or you can work with our graphic designer to create your bespoke label. We also supply a complete packaging and branding design service if you require it.

Whatever your label requirements we can supply the best adhesive for glass, metal, plastics, cardboard and freezer use.

We are very happy to give you free advice and a quote on choosing the right materials and adhesive for your particular application.

Please contact us on 0115 961 6060 or email for further information.


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