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Here Are 6 Tips To Consider When You Want Your Carrier Bag To Stand Out

Branded carrier bags give your packaging a more professional look. They are an essential tool to promote your business.

At Cushion Print Management we specialise in printing eco-friendly carrier bags, paper bags, laminated bags, cotton bags, jute bags... plus much more.

Bags are ideal for building your brand identity using eye-catching and unique designs. There also so many options that it can be confusing which one is ideal for you.

We have compiled a small list to give you a start.


There are so many bag types and sizes to choose from. It’s important that you choose the correct size bag for your business. You don’t want to receive you bags only to find your product is too large to fit in it.

Points to consider are:-

a. Are your products light or heavy

b. Will the carrier bag be full to the brim

c. Does your products have sharp edges


Not all bags are the same shape. Experiment a little. You might need a standard rectangle shape. Or you might find a square one or even a long thing one suits your product better. Look at the shape of your product. Get the tape measure out and write down some dimensions for us to design it around.


Carrier bags may be for luxury retail, trade shows, hardware stores, deli’s plus many more. Consider where your product and service sit. Laminated bags are great for luxury products. Paper and eco-friendly carrier bags for trade shows.

Styles are bags available are:-

a. Punched handle eco-friendly carrier bags (perfect for retail, exhibitions and much more)

b. Luxury laminated paper bags (high-end retail stores and prestigious exhibitions and conferences)

c. Flat handle bags (ideal for takeaways for restaurants)

d. Cotton Bags (stylish ethically-sourced)

e. Twisted handle paper bag (high-quality and comfortable to hold)

f. Rope handle paper bag (high-quality and comfortable to hold)


Your bag strength is just as important as shape and size. You need to weigh your product if it’s heavy so we can help you choose the appropriate bag.

Different materials have different strengths:-

a. Polythene bag (70 micron or more in thickness makes these re-usable and a bag for life)

b. Paper bag (environmental friendly)

c. Cotton bag (environmental friendly, strong and versatile)


This is down to a matter of choice and what works best for you. Generally it’s just your logo, tel number and website but you can be dynamic and a photo or illustration on too.

Options to go on your bag are:-

a. Logos

b. Tel numbers

c. Website

d. Address

e. Photo

f. Illustration


If you want a super cheap bag then the best choice to go for is single colour. A little more expensive way is to have 2 or more spot colours. Then high end luxury is for your bag to in full colour. We can match any Pantone reference you give us. Obviously the more you have the cheaper each bag will be.

Consider how much your budget is to how many colours to print:-

1. single colour (the cheapest)

2. 2 or more spot colours

3. Full colour

Paper bags are more in favour now with all the press about plastic carrier bags. They can be more customised with added foiling and/or embossing.

Our bags are high quality, strong, durable and cost effective. They can be for a one-off order for your promotion or exhibition.

We print much more than only the basic plastic bag. Stock sizes are available or you can be original and have a bespoke size too.

Get in touch with our friendly team for a free quote. Our customer service is always available to help with your branded literature and much more... We will take the hassle out design and print and make your life as stress free as possible.

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