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  • Jane Dexter

Must have NCR padded forms for every type of businesses

Working with your nose up to your computer screen everyday you would be forgiven for thinking there isn’t any purpose for paper any more. But when you are involved in day to day business life you realise you still need that important NCR for you to keep your part and the recipient to keep theirs for filing paperwork.

Sizes? Well they can come in the usual A6, A5, A4 but you can have bespoke sizes though if they are just internal forms it’s cheaper to stick to standard sizes and single colour. That said if your forms are being sent to all over the UK and even the world, spot colour or even full cymk colour can help increase sales and customer retention by making a more professional impression with your brand mark.

2 part, 3 part, 4 part, 5 part... shall I go on? Oh yes 6 part carbonless forms are all available - what would you like? Also they come with a wrap around writing shield, can be perfed and sequential numbered too.

Ideal for purchase orders, order books, delivery notes, invoice books, receipts, bills and statements, internal communication and the list goes on...

For information and advise from our specialist team please ring 0115 961 6060 or email


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