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  • Jane Dexter

Specialist Continuous NCR Forms For Every Day Use

Continuous forms are multi-parts ‘sets’, that are fed through a dot matrix printer. It consists of 1 to 4 pages that are crimped together. There is a perforated strip down boths sides that are used to feed the form through the printer.

What is NCR? The original carbon paper was designed by Pellegrino Turri in 1808.

However, in the early 1950’s the ‘No Carbon Required’ paper was invented negating the use of three sheets of paper. Instead, dye filled micro-capsules line the bottom of the first sheet, which burst under the pressure of a pen and spill onto the page underneath. This next page has a clay coating on top which the dye reacts with and leaves a permanent mark.

Ideal for accounts, purchase orders, deliveries, invoices and much more...

For information and advise from our specialist team please ring 0115 961 6060 or email

We can print from your artwork or if you are stuck for ideas; speak to our in-house design team who will create it for you.

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